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Specialty Sportswear has a complete design system for your Skatewear. It's for both ice skater and roller skater. Skatewear is a design system built into our pattern base. This allows you to start anywhere and build your Skatewear based on your individual sewing needs. The system starts with the MULTI-Series. There are six bodice skirt inset lines (200, 400, 500, 1000, 1100, 900 Series) each with it's own skirt application.

There are two "ADD-ON" patterns in each of the series 200, 400, 500, 1000 and one "ADD-ON" pattern for the 900 and 1100 series. The 900 (K) Series is for little girls under 4’ tall. The 1100 Series is the full leotard pattern with a pull-on skirt.

There are more design bodices in the 800 Series for the 200, 400, 500 series, each with a skirt that is specifically designed for that individual design pattern. Also, there are several other ADD-ON Skirt pattern packages for the 200, 400 or 500 series insets, each have a cut line for the 200, 400 and 500 bodice insets...like three skirts in one pattern. All patterns are for LYCRA fabrics. See SYSTEM SKIRTS and SERIES for more info.

skate dress samples

Skatewear-Pattern Design System for stretch fabrics.
Girls and Ladies Skatewear Patterns
Boys and Men's Skatewear Patterns
for Ice Skaters, Roller Skaters, Twirlers, Gymnasts,
Dancers, Drill Teams, Swimmers, activewear for Aerobics and Wrestling

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